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Okay, donations needed

Well, going to try this again.
We are going to court on the 22nd.  Why?  We owe our complex $5000 in rent.  It’s mainly because of me being out of work some, trying to get a job, trying to get another income.  So we fell behind and that’s it.  The complex won’t work with us anymore and didn’t want to send us to the collections BECAUSE they understand, but the owners don’t care, they just want their money.Needless to say, we don’t have it.</p>

Add into this that we had to spend $1100 on our car recently simply so we can get back and forth to work, I’ve been out sick while I adjust to new diabetes medications, we had our daughter move back home and were supporting one friend for a month while she got her life together (co-workers and anime geek),

I wouldn’t be asking if this weren’t the last hope.  Our family is tapped out, they have their own financial problems, we don’t have any place to go to from here.  The current plan is to get a storage unit and move everything we own into that, and live in a hotel room. But that takes money too, storage rental and moving expenses.

So, here it is.

I need your help.  WE need your help.  Two cats, my wife, myself, my daughter.  (this is the guilt part)

If you have any spare cash, anything that you can share with us, please, my paypal is daven@davensjournal.com at Paypal and you will save our bacon.

The only other things I can think of is to sell some of our possessions, like my daughter’s flute.  Nothing else we have is even close to what we need. We don’t have a plasma (old tube TV from my grandfather), we have computers that are like 5 years out of date, and a broken washing machine.  So it’s like, yeah… we’re fucked.

Even if you can’t give us anything, which I totally understand, could you at LEAST reblog this so others can see it and maybe help us out that way?

Thank you.

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Email Erin your thoughts!

Sorry that I had to shift to an email form, but I wanted to get some specific feedback from you all, and I just can’t get that the way that I am getting email now. So, this change. I hope you will see this as a sign that I still care and want to hear from you, rather than me being a stand-off jerk. I WILL answer every email that I get.

Before you go and ask me to teach you, I suggest that you read the A letter to a young girl and see if any of it applies to you.

Just fill out this form and click on “Send to Erin” and I’ll get it right quick.

Horizontal Line

If you would like to contact me via more traditional means, please email me and ask for my address. My wife has some concerns with her safety so I will send you my physical address if needed.  But be warned, I am REALLY bad about answering letters written on paper.  I’m really good about email, and that’s what I usually go with, but if you require an answer by mail, you may be waiting for a while.  😉  You have been warned.

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Slight Updates

Okay, well there have been some changes around.

Nothing that you need to be concerned about, but it’s stuff that just affects the functionality of the Journal.  Some updates to various plugins and updates to WordPress apparently broke some of the coding that I had in here, and so some functions I had to disable (like the Category Icons) and others I had to recode (like the four extra links on the navigation bar to the left).  I had lost the link to the Home page, the link to the Site Map, to the Obsidian Mirror and to the Email.  Stunk and I didn’ t notice since I still get email from here, although it’s mostly SPAM.

The Category Icons, sadly, look to be gone permanently.  I had tried to keep the icons up, because I like them and they give a good visual way of seeing in a glance which categories the various articles belong to, hopefully this function will be brought back soon.

Also apparently my account with A Small Orange (my hosting company) got suspended somehow.  Even the techs aren’t sure why, but if you came here then that’s why you couldn’t see anything.

Then the updates didn’t run right, and it was set in “maintenance mode” for a while.  Finally I got in, and things are good now.

If you notice something missing that I had before, let me know.  I probably miss things, and I’m not happy about that.

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Rune Information

As promised, I have found, converted and posted this document I had kicking around my computer on the Runes.

I have no idea who wrote this, and for the content, It’s not bad. It is brief, to the point, and informative. Use this as a starting place only. There are many good references in this at the end, and I suggest that you use them.

Without further ado, The Runes!

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More uploaded

Okay, those of you who have been waiting are about to be rewarded.

The “High Magick Class” has been updated with 4 new lessons. Find the whole post here: [link id='2289'] and the files in question are located at:

  1. Introduction (About me, Definitions, Basics, Assignments, etc.)
  2. The Path of the Magician
  3. Tools and Props
  4. Visualization and Meditation
  5. Magickal Attitude
  6. Wiccan Magick (including cord, sex and poppet magick)
  7. Elementals and energy work
  8. Kitchen Witchery

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New Toy

Well, some of you may have noticed that I have been playing around with a new “toy” here on the Journal. It’s a new plug in for WordPress that will allow crossposting of my entries to Tumblr.

Yes, I have multiple Social Networking sites. One is my Tumblr, and it’s where I post things about my transition and stuff I like in a girly sense. But part of it is also some spirituality, and so I wanted a tool that would post what goes up HERE on the Journal to that Tumblr.

I also use Twitter to inform you who follow me when a new post goes up here, normally just a “NEW POST” kind of thing. But I also have a Dreamwidth account for some of my friends who don’t want to come back to this journal over and over. They can see what is posted that is new there. No, you aren’t getting that URL, mainly because it’s a private journal, more like my diary than a public blogging platform.  Read the rest of the article...

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The Path of Druidry

By Penny Billington
Llewellyn, 2011 $18.95 US
ISBN 978-0-7387-2346-4

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

During my time reviewing various books, I’ve focused on Wicca and other pagan paths, focusing on basic beliefs and pan-pagan beliefs. I’ve only had a few opportunities to read about the belief systems of specific groups. To date, I think I have reviewed only about four Druid books, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to find that those books, as a group, are exceedingly good.

The Path of Druidry is no exception.

I went into this book trying not to have any preconceptions, and it’s a good thing I did. This book really isn’t like much else out there. It has chapters, yes, yet, in each chapter there are unique items that need to be highlighted.

First, the information contained within is about as complete and accurate as you can get without actually joining one of the more well known of the Druid orders out there. I found little to fault in what Penny Billington says in those chapters and chapter parts.

What struck me forcefully is that there are “study breaks” in which she gives very long and detailed guided meditations for the reader. I found myself falling into a half trance and going through the meditation while reading and truly benefitting from the focused meditation. I think that those who don’t have a lot of practice with a meditation would do well to record them in a wav and play them back over an MP3 player, which is what the author suggests.

Also included, and overlooked in many of the lesser books of Druidry, are the myths of Wales. Ms. Billington is a member of the OBOD, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, one of the “Three Big Orders” and the only one who can trace its roots back into the late 1600’s, has studied these in depth since the OBOD is Welsh based and has faithfully reproduced the stories here. These stories are important in that mythology to a Druid is THE lore. In the myths you find examples of how to live, how to behave, how to worship and cast magic, how to live as a person with your neighbors.

These two elements, the lore and the meditations, make this book unique in my opinion. This is a work that will fit well with many other works on Druidry out there, and should be bought for the shelf of anyone who is serious about studying Druidry.

However, there is one caution I should make. This lore, this path is a specific one. It is not Irish Druidism, nor is it the Druidism practiced in Gaul. It is based on the writings of Iolo Morganwg and as such should be understood to be only one branch of many. Just as a tree has many leaves, so too are there many pathways of Druidism, and this is only one of those. Granted, it’s a shining example of what should be taught to others, but it is just not the whole of the tradition.

With that final caution in mind, I’m giving this 4 and a half stars from 5. If you have even a passing interest in Druidry, this would be something that you should have in your library.

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My Ordination

I have stated in various places that I’m an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, and this is the proof.  This is a copy of my ordination certificate.  The only thing changed in this document is that I made it look a little better.  I have the originals, even though I want to get another copy of the certificate, and I can show them on demand to anyone who asks.

My Ordination through the Universal Life Church

My wife is also an ordained Minister, and her certificate is here as well.

Mary&apos;s Ordination through the Universal Life Church

Here are some hyperlinks for you to look at so that you can see that this organization is a good one.

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Buckland’s Book of Gypsy Magic

By Raymond Buckland
Weiser Books, 2010  $16.95 US
ISBN 978-157863-467-5

Review by Erin

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I like most of Raymond Buckland’s works.  Some of his work that cause concern and I have questioned the authenticity of those works.  I have spoken to the author many times about my issues. Each time, I’ve been reassured by Mr. Buckland.

This book, Gypsy Magic, gave me few reservations about the contents.

Understand; there are passages I do have to question. Most concern the history of the Romani. It’s discussed very briefly in this work.

They are a people who are persecuted to this day. I find it horrific that any feeling/thinking human being is involved on either side.

There is no reason for a person to look down upon, or mentally, emotionally, spiritually abuse another person, not for any reason.  So to find out that it still happens now, is distressing to me personally.  (And let’s leave out the whole discussion about how America is still doing this same thing to their indigenous population, that’s another rant…)

But the magick at the center of this book may or may not be authentic Romani magic.  But it IS magick, and it will work, and it seems to be one of those things that is a good resource for how others do their Work.  I found many sections and spells that, reading through the process, the how’s and the preparations, made me believe that it would work given the way of doing things outlined in the book.

As I said I can’t say for sure if this is genuine Roma magic or not.  But it struck me that it doesn’t matter.  Many of us aren’t part of that culture, we are never going to be accepted into that culture, and if it is genuine passed from mouth to mouth magic of the Rom, then that’s good.  If it isn’t then there’s no real harm done.

As a pragmatist magickian, I find there are times when I use this.  There are going to be as many times that I won’t, and it’s personally a choice of what will work when I need it to.

If Buckland found all this and all these Roma who would part with these secrets, good for him.  Glad that some of this is going to be preserved, just in case of a new pogrom.  If not, then the spells still look like they will work given the way they’re are laid out.

I’m giving this book 4 stars out of 5 for the contents.  As I can’t be sure of some of the accuracy of the historical items, I’m not giving it higher.  But for the spell contents, the magical workings, yes, this would be an item of interest for anyone who is curious about how this group does magick.


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New Temple

Okay, given the whole kerfluffle over Z Budapesht’s transphobia and the similar blow up with the Temple of the Goddess I’ve come to a decision.

I’m going to start a new Temple that is trans-inclusive. One that not only welcomes Trans women and Trans men, but one that works with them to celebrate their new sex and their needs in a spiritual sense. This group won’t ignore the Intersexed, the Genderfluid or the Asexual person either, I just need to figure out ways to incorporate their unique energies into the overall format.

Now, this is going to be a hell of a task. I’m going to need everyone who is a reader of this website to help.

  1. I’m going to need publicity.
  2. I’m going to need rituals.
  3. I’m going to need those who want to head up local chapters to come forward.
  4. I’m going to be doing ceremonies to advance this idea and temple in the Astral world, and I need energies to do so
  5. I’m going to need your ideas for things that would bring on inclusiveness.

While there are many out there who don’t need another group “helping” them in their self discovery, or in the spiritual implications of that discovery, there are MANY who will need it. Not the least of which is the people who have already been traumatized by those groups named above, the ones who have shunned and humiliated the QUILTBAG of sexes because the equipment is missing or they don’t bleed.

Now, please say you are with me on this? And let me know if this is something that would be of use to you and the people you know in your circle?

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About “bunnyhunting” trends

I know I’ve spoken at length about going out and finding the idiots in Paganism and Wicca, and exposing them for the idiots they are.  But now I want to talk about the other side of that for a while.

While I have been out of the hunting business for a while now, there are those I’m friends with who are still out there in the communities, looking and reporting on trends in the groups of the new seekers, and the responses that the older and more experienced generations are having toward them.

This is where the downside of the hunting comes in.  There is a HUGE temptation to slather ALL new people with the same “bunny brush”.  To label the sincere and genuine seeker with the “fluffbunny” title, which makes it impossible for them to thereafter find real help in their spiritual journey.

So I want to talk about this trap in this essay.

Always remember the golden rule of bunnyhunting:  “THE NEW ARE NOT ALL BUNNIES.”  Certainly the possibility is there for the new seeker, the person who found Wicca and Paganism last week to be a bunny.  The “One book and I’m a witch!” crowd is one that we always have to be on the look out for, since they can do so much damage if left without those who are concerned with keep facts out there.  They tend to be the worst when taking something they read out of context, and without subjective verification (through research in the case of facts, through meditation and experimentation in the case of non scientific items) and repeat it ad neausium to anyone who will hear.  I could go on for days on all of those, but the two most common I will give here as examples; “Wicca goes unbroken back to prehistoric mankind” and “All witches are Wiccan because they have to be.”

Anyone who has been around the block a few times just let out a huge groan of frustration, and believe me I feel your pain.  I have spent probably a year or so (if you put all the scattered bits together) of my life trying to purge only one of those from the collective Wiccan mind.

But does the repeating of one of these rotten chestnuts automatically warrant a sign of “FLUFFBUNNY” to be on the speaker?

I am telling you now, it does not.

Just having read that in one of the many MANY bad volumes of Wicca instructional manuals and classes does not mean the person in question is someone who is an idiot and fluff.  Remember, a fluffbunny has a very specific definition and set of behaviors.  It is someone who is unrepentantly ignorant, willfully turning aside from and denying anything that makes their little mental universe change.  When they (metaphorically) stick their fingers in their ears and begin making random noises to drown out your information, and go blithely out and teach this “fact”, which can be refuted about two dozen ways, to anyone who will listen, from the new student to the fundamentalist Christian, then it’s a pretty safe bet that they are a fluff.

But someone who is asking for references and help finding information, is, by that definition, NOT a fluffbunny.  They are someone who is asking for a starting place.

Yes, you may feel that it is your duty to follow in the steps of Elfwreck and try to drive them away from our faith, and that is your choice.  But don’t do it thinking that you are keeping a fluff from being created.  It is shutting down a seeker from finding a pathway, finding information.

I’ll admit that this is a judgment call.  It’s a hard call in most cases, trying to figure out if this is the first symptom of someone who just wants to fling poo all over Wicca and Paganism, or if this person is sincere in their quest for knowledge.  Thankfully it’s something you can take to your Gods, to your Teachers, to those who are allies and your own mind and conscience as to if you are going to help or not.

And, by all the Gods living and dead, it’s so tempting to to just ignore the request and go your merry way, but I want you to remember something…. you started out in the same place at one time.  You too were lost and overwhelmed with a lack of resources and a lot of people who were talking in circles around your understanding.  So, now that I reminded you about this, what would you tell yourself in that long ago time when you desperately wanted what you now have?

If you had the chance to go back in time, as you are now, what would you say to yourself back then to encourage them to investigate and what hints would you drop?

Why not do that now.  It doesn’t have to be blatantly obvious, but it shouldn’t be a Chinese Puzzle Box either.  Understand and sculpt the lesson to the student, give hints and give tools to find more.  Feed the hunger to know, instead of stomping on the embers.

Remember, the seeker now, will be the teacher of your grandchildren.

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Nine Sacred Woods

A conversation that happened years ago, that I thought was funny as hell, and still think is great:

Parts of the conversation sorted by color….


By the way, do you even know what the Nine sacred woods are? No fair peeking.

Oh, wait, I know this one…

  1. Morning wood
  2. Afternoon wood
  3. Evening wood
  4. Midnight wood
  5. “I gotta pee, dammit” wood
  6. Embarassing first-date wood
  7. New Britney Spears video wood
  8. Yeah, I guess Orlando Bloom really is hot wood
  9. Kids are coming up the stairs let’s finish this *quick* wood

I guess the “10. No reason just random wood” wood isn’t in th ere, but what about the “11. Embarrasing called to the blackboard wood” wood? Where does it go?

Not all woods are sacred woods.


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Name Change, for everything.

Astute readers of my Journal will have already noticed that the name has changed.  That’s what should be.  But let me tell you why.

As you may have read in earlier entries, I’m transitioning from Male to Female.  Well, in recent months I’ve made some major strides forward in that regard, namely I’ve come out to everyone I know that I’m transitioning, and I’ve legally changed my name from my male moniker to a more female name.

With this change came a LOT of soul searching, a lot of meditation and a lot of discussion with the Gods.  Finally after a long time, we all determined that I am Their daughter just as much as I was Their son.  I am Their Priestess and still Their Priest.

Confusing?  You bet you.  About as confusing as being female, dressing as female, being called “She” and “Her” and “Miss” and still being called “Dad” by my daughter.  But that’s okay, things take time, and I’m only partway through the hormone treatment.

So, with the new name, new gender and the acknowledgment of the world at large, I rededicated myself one morning near Samhain.  I abandoned the name Daven and took the name Erin to be my magickal working name.

You may be able to see some of the changes.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

So, the name of the Journal is changing to Erin’s Journal.  But the content is not.  It will still have the same content as any you have come to expect.  The look and feel will be the same.  It may have more personal focus and changes based on crossing gender lines and still being a representative of the Gods.

I am going to be taking time over the next months to find and change all references to Daven’s Journal and replace them with Erin’s Journal.  I am going to do this gradually since it will take some time for you, the reader, to adjust to this change too.  Everyone knows Daven’s Journal, but it will take time to realize that it is the same site as Erin’s Journal.  Thus the “new and improved” logo upstairs.  Hopefully by keeping something the same, it can become normal, then we gradually phase out the various elements of Daven and replace them with Erin.

But also, like the Shattered Tower, this is a change that has happened and cannot be undone.  But also like Death, it’s one that has been a long time in coming.

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[CG] Name change

Okay, been doing some research here.

1. I can change my name pretty easily. I go to the Chancery Court of Davidson County, then fill out a form. I pay a fee, go upstairs to the court, I stand in front of the judge, I raise my hand and he cracks the gavel. *BOOM* I am now named someone else.

2. I get two certified copies of my order, take one to the post office, add a peition for birth certificate amendment, send it off to Illinois, and get a new birth certificate (with amended sex) returned to me.

Easy, huh? It really is.

BUT, the nominal fee? $157.50. So I'm going to be begging for money/selling things....

Floggers: $70
Card readings: $30
Donations: Gratefully accepted

Since I don't know how much the fees and so on are going to be on the birth certificate, all the donations/fees/donations will go to the whole kitty of the name/birth change.

But that is not what I set this post for. It was to go "HEY!!! It's moving forward!!!"

Should be a fun ride.

So far everyone at work is okay with this whole thing, I've had NO problems. Which in and of itself is amazing. As I keep tellign people, I don't care if they accept me, if they like it or if they hate me and thing I'm going to hell. All I care about is that they can get past it long enough to be able to work with me on the project/campaign we are working on. That's it.

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By Alferian Gwydion MacLir
Llewellyn 2011, $18.95 US
ISBN13: 978-0-7387-2002-9

Review by Daven

Rating: ★★★★½ 

When I requested this book I was expecting something somewhat different. I was expecting construction methods, information for Wiccans, and a lot of information from Harry Potter and so on.

Instead, I got a non-fluffy book with a lot of good info in it.

One of the first things you will learn, this book was written by a Druid of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Keep that in mind since this information is written from a Druidic point of view. There is a lot of discussion about the trees themselves, the way the plants feel and more. This is all to the good in my opinion. The chapters discussing the qualities of different woods are almost the first thing you read.

Then there are discussions about stones, minerals, metals and all the items of needed to craft a wand.

Included are designs, their meanings, the various letters that can be carved on the wands. You’ll find out how construct them, what tools are needed and how to actually craft the finished product.

I didn’t see any “shortcuts” using pre-made dowels or pipes of any kind. The author assumes you actually want to carve it with a knife and use a wild-crafted branch for your wand. To truly create something in tune with you in a way an artificial or “bought” wand cannot. To me, this is the whole purpose of making a magical tool.

There are some points of concern for me, but I understand why the author included them.

In the section about the magic behind wand crafting, he includes a significant section on “magical cores”, the center of the wand, as in Harry Potter cores. Included in there are things like Dragon Scales, Phoenix Feathers, Griffon and Hippogriff feathers and so on. He spends time explaining how to insert these cores into your wand. This was my first “WHAT” moment.

The author goes on to explain that he included these not to seem “fluffy” or to try to capitalize on the Harry Potter craze (like so many other authors have tried to do). Instead, it’s to bring the essence of these mythical creatures into the wand, to help them operate.

He’s not saying that the Unicorn Hair needs or can be bought from a store here on this Earth. Rather, he urges the crafter to do a vision quest and talk to the Unicorn, Hippogriff, or other symbolic animal, in question and ask them to contribute a part of themselves to your wand, to help the wand and the wielder better express the qualities that the being has.

This was of interest to me since I do a lot of work on the Astral Plane myself. I could see what the author was after and how it should work in a properly crafted wand. I could understand how it was supposed to work and why it could be done. The author also says that it is not necessary for the wand to have this in order to work properly.

These revelations alone had me revising my review of this book several times. He acknowledges when he gets into territory that is “out there”, but he takes the time to explain these esoteric aspects in a way that make sense. In that alone, he is ahead of a lot of the people who write books like this.

I should point out to my readers that the author is a teacher at the Grey School of Wizardry. Long time readers will understand why I point this out, but for those of you who are new, let me explain this for a bit.

Since the Harry Potter books came out, there have been a lot of people trying to capitalize on that franchise, and it has caused a slow downward spiral in the quality of books dealing with esoteric topics.

The head of the Grey School has stated that I do a hatchet job on books that come out from that school, out of some vendetta I have towards him. I have told him multiple times that if he sent me good books, no matter if they were of use in the School, I would review them highly.

This is that book.

I am giving this book four and a half stars out of five. This is a book that I think could be very useful to many in the metaphysical community, and it doesn’t matter that it is associated with the Grey School.

It stands as a very good “how to” book. There is very little information in here that I think could have been omitted, and all the information I would have expected to see is here as well.

So, congratulations Mr. MacLir. You have produced something which most Pagans and those who will be making staffs and wands should have.

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This is a list of questions I got in an email. Apparently the person had sent this several times trying to get them answered. I don’t know if they got it in response, but here are the questions and my answers.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Long awaited update

Well, I am finally in a position where I can talk to you all about where the H*LL I’ve been these last several weeks and what has been happening.

1. I have a job. It’s not a permanent job (not yet), but it is a 33 week contract that is temp to hire. It’s doing phone support at Dell. So, most of my time has been being spent taking their training classes at the Dell Campus here to learn how they want me to do things, and what I’m going to be supporting. The kicker is that I will be making nearly as much as I was when I was full time employed at Direct, and that means that my paycheck should be able to support the family again.

To say I’m totally over the moon about this is to minimize just how happy about it I am. Yes, I have to get used to a new sleep schedule again, shifting to daytime, but I should be able to pick my schedule once I actually get on the floor and start doing the support. I think I’m going to like this job, but I do have to see it and do it before I actually can say so definitely.

2. Magickally, I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit from Japan and the whole earthquake/tsunami and such. It’s taken up the majority of my sleeping times having to deal with it. But, that is slowing a lot since I started the job. Everyone knows I need my sleep so I can concentrate at work, so that’s backed down a lot. There’s still some things I have to deal with, but they tend to be minor.

Right now I’m helping out another in their lands, coaching and trying to help them deal with their people and various problems they are having. The dead just have no real respect for someone that’s still alive, you know?

3. I’ve been a bit ill lately. Probably the crud you get whenever you have 40+ people in one room and talking/breathing the same air.

4. On the transgender front: Fate is conspiring to keep me moving forward with no excuses. Turns out there is a guy I’ve made friends with at work who is engaged to a transgirl, whom, coincidentally enough, rides the bus I take to get to work. They are both active in the trans community and have kinda latched on to me as a friend they can both help and associate with since so many of our likes/dislikes are damned near the same. I mean, how many trans people do you meet that are into to tech, play tabletop RPGs, like Doctor Who and Criminal Minds, and so on? Not a lot, but that’s what has happened.

I’m out of my hormones, but that should be taken care of when I get my first paycheck. It will be only two weeks without them, so I don’t think that will be a huge killer of the progress I made, but you never know. When I get insurance again at the first of the month, I can go to doctors and start getting healthy again.

5. I’m actually losing weight again. When I lost my membership to the Y, I gained all the weight I had lost back. But right now I’m walking home from one point in the trip home from work. It’s not that far, just about a mile, but it is definitely having an effect on my waistline. That and the subliminal program I started with my mp3′s that I listen to.

It wasn’t that hard to do either. I got Audacity, found a microphone, wrote a list of affirmations I wanted to listen to. Then I recorded them all into one audio track, edited it down so that they were sounding nice. Then I copied that track over and over, shifting them a bit so that they didn’t have the same words starting and stopping all at once. Once I had 40 repetitions of the same stuff layered into one gabble of sound, I copied it and placed THAT on the other ear, so now I have 40 in the left ear, the same 40 in the right ear. Then I reversed the track so that I had 40 going forward and 40 going backward in the left ear, the same in the right ear. I combined them all into the “master subliminal track”, reduced the volume to where I could barely hear it as garble static, then added them to my MP3′s that I listen to in my player. Been listening to JUST them any time I leave the house to go anyplace. I think they are working since I’m wanting to eat less, exercise more, and I’m having a better outlook on my life and so on.

6. I went out last night in Joy’s clothes, made up and so on. Had a good time too. It was just a bit of “interesting” in my internal reactions. At first I was nervous, but then I got calmed down since the only people who would be seeing me were other transpeople. That was nice. To be able to just be myself for once.

So what’s next? Keep going on the job. Keep working and earning money (which is a hell of a relief in and of itself). Then get my paychecks, pay bills to get them off our backs, pay back my family who has loaned us money to keep going. THEN go shopping for more golf shirt tops for me, since that’s the “standard” at Dell. It’s more casual than that, but I don’t want to go more casual than that. Maybe in a couple weeks start going to stores and getting Joy clothing, and at least I’d have someone to go with.

Once I get into a routine with work and being off, I’ll probably have more spare time to socialize on DW and LJ, Tumblr and Twitter. That’ll be nice. They won’t let me do any of that at work for some reason. Yes, I can go on the Internet, but only WORK RELATED, no social networks, not even G-Mail. I set it so that I can forward all my gmail to my work email, and I can at least SEE it even if I can’t reply.

It’s just going to take some time.

I do want to say that for those of you NOT reading me on Daven’s Journal or on the RSS feed, you can come and comment to ANY post I have on Daven’s Journal by signing in with your OpenID from Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Twitter or many other places. Or you can even sign up for an account on the Journal, and you can have your own icon here.

So that’s it for now, I have to go and do some chores in the kitchen.

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Online Magick Course and Syllabus

This will be a comprehensive course in Magick, from so-called Low Magick to Ceremonial Magick (also referred to as High Magick). The course will cover Willpower, Visualization, the Basics of the Kaballah, Basics of Ceremonial Magick, other magickal systems to include “Night Magick” and Shamanistic and Druidic.

Mostly this course will focus on such things as Ceremony in magick, tools and “props”, cultivating a Magickal attitude, Wiccan Magick and Witchcraft, Candle Magick, off the cuff spells for emergencies, Magick and the Otherworlds. This will NOT be a course in spells, but spellcrafting (writing of spells) will be part of some of the discussions.

The major thrust of this course will be willpower. That is the key, and we will show you those keys and how to have them for yourself. Added to that will be some theoretical discussions on Otherworlds, allies, astral beings, how to will something into your life, and Magick in everyday settings. The goal of this course will be to enable you to live a magickal existence, no props required.

General outline for the course will be (subject to change without notice):

(All these files are PDF files, so you have to have some sort of PDF file reader to view them. I would suggest downloading them to your system and reading them there. That way you can read them when you aren’t online.)

  1. Introduction (About me, Definitions, Basics, Assignments, etc.) 
  2. The Path of the Magician 
  3. Tools and Props
  4. Visualization and Meditation
  5. Magickal Attitude
  6. Wiccan Magick (including cord, sex and poppet magick) 
  7. Elementals and energy work
  8. Kitchen Witchery 
  9. Hedge Witchcraft
  10. Shamanistic Magick
  11. Druidic Magick
  12. Christian Magick
  13. Ritual
  14. EXAM

Other articles that are related to this course

There will be required course materials, and in every case, those materials will be available for download and study prior to the class starting. This will be a forum held in email discussion with the possibility of message boards being added. There will be assignments and an exam at the end of the course, with a certificate available upon completion.

This course will be an advanced course in Magick and all of it’s applications. No one “style” or “Tradition” or “School” of magick will be used, but will cover the range of these and will be more focused on familiarizing the student with what is available and tools to go into a more in depth study of one system. This course will require thought and work, and will not be easy for the practitioner. Dedication and determination will dictate the success of the student in this course.

I look forward to seeing you all!

Originally posted 2009-12-14 23:01:00.

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Signal Boost


This is an entry asking for money to be donated to a family. The insurance company denied payment for a LIFE SAVING PROCEDURE. Without this procedure, the person will die. And they said "no".

Reboost this signal too. I"ve seen it on Tumblr and now DW. Adding LJ to the mix.

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D&D online

Anyone know of some D&D 4th or 2nd edition games that I could join? I'm really wanting to play.

I can do webcam, I've got a decent one and can set it up pretty quick. IRC would be nice for the flow, I'd like to avoid the MMORPG D&D games, mainly because of the cost and I don't want to start over again.

Please repost this to boost the signal.